Versant Tests: Helping Enhance Communication Skills at the Workplace

As the leading test of spoken and written English, Versant is being leveraged by leading corporations across India to provide a fairer, more consistent, and efficient option for evaluating language and communication skills.  Versant is a recognized leader in automated language testing and is being increasingly used in organizations around the world and in India, in industries such as BFSI, Retail and ITES, due to its ability to offer fast, reliable, affordable and accurate language testing on a large scale.

Versant tests are the only completely automated tests for both spoken and written English, using patented speech and text processing technology.

Using the patented Ordinate® speech processing technology and Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ text engine, Versant tests can be taken on a telephone or a computer and scores are available online within minutes.

How Versant Test Administration Works

  • The administrator provides the candidate with written instructions and a personal access number
  • The candidates can access the test 24 hours a day by phone (for Versant spoken English tests)  or on a computer installed with Pearson’s Computed Delivered Test software (for Versant written English test)
  • The administrator retrieves scores online within minutes

For more information on each type of delivery method, go here.

Benefits of using Versant

Measure the spoken and written communication skills in business settings using a method that eliminates cultural and subjective bias

Screen more employees in less time, streamlining your recruiting or training processes and reducing assessment costs

Deliver more objective, consistent assessments without the variability typical of multiple evaluators and administrations

Enable the right language proficiency levels throughout your organization


With a correlation of r = 0.97, the computer-generated Versant Test scores are virtually indistinguishable from human scoring.