Training and Certification

Training and Certification

We believe learning is for everyone and our aim is to deliver learning that helps you grow professionally and personally.

We seek to create and cultivate a two-way learning partnership with you and aim to have dedicated professional facilitators who will present topics and assesments to assist you in your role and expand your knowledge and expertise. Our objective is to deliver expert, relevant and refreshing content and facilitation.

We offer a range of programs that are designed to:

  • continue your personal and professional development
  • ensure you stay at the forefront of the latest techniques and processes that address HR challenges
  • maintain, enhance and extend your knowledge and skills

Our training services introduce you to our assessments that are gold standards in assessing personality and higher-order abilities such as critical thinking. Through our facilitators who are experts in the area of psychometric assessment and consultation, you receive the right advice to accelerate your organization’s learning and growth. Our workshops empower you to use tools and techniques that will enable your organization to select, develop and engage the most valuable asset of your organization – your employees.

These workshops deliver real-world business benefits through assessments that tap into your potential and current employees’ behavioural competencies, personality dimensions, values and workplace motivations, besides the ability for high-stake thinking. Our workshops teach you how to successfully apply our assessments to meet your human resource challenges, using cost-effective, top-of-the-line and scientific assessments that ensure quantifiable business results for your organization.

Critical Thinking and Decision-Making Workshop

Why critical thinking?

Critical thinking has been identified as one of the most important skill for the twenty-first century workforce. Critical thinking is a fundamental skill that enables important workplace competencies such as decision-making, problem-solving and planning & organizing. Such competencies are essential for any role and in any industry. What’s more important is that critical thinking can not only be measured using scientific and valid assessments such as the W-GCTA, but that this skill can be improved with practice!


A diagnostic approach to enhance decision-making at the workplace

The primary objective of this workshop is to develop self-awareness so that individuals are aware of their areas of strength that they can leverage at the workplace and areas of improvement that they need to be conscious of, in decision-making situations.

Who is it for?

Mid to senior level managers

Workshop structure

  • Pre-workshop activity – Assessment of critical thinking using Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-GCTA)
  • Introduction to the concept of critical thinking and its relevance to decision making
  • The importance of cognitive skills in overall job performance
  • Influence of cognitive biases in decision-making; relationship between scores on the sub-sections of the W-GCTA  and biases in decision-making
  • Dynamics of individual critical thinking in a group decision-making processes
  • A development framework to practise critical thinking on a regular basis – Individual development plan for the participant, derived from critical thinking test scores and learning from the workshop activities


Who is it for?

HR managers and People managers who wish to be certified on one of the few scientific, objective and validated critical thinking assessments in the world – Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-GCTA)

Workshop Structure

  • Introduction to critical thinking – Definition, stages and process
  • Fallacies in critical thinking
  • Assessment of critical thinking using W-GCTA
  • Introduction to the RED model of critical thinking
  • Interpretation of report and profile analysis – Understanding skilled and unskilled behaviour in critical thinking.
  • Applications of critical thinking for development, recruitment, and high potential identification through relevant industry examples.

Why get certified?


  • Research indicates critical thinking is a predictor of job success
  • Interpreting and using the results on Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WGCTA) assists the recruiter to set internal benchmarks for hiring and selection
  • Using Watson-Glaser for recruitment has helped organizations improve the quality of hire, reduce turnaround time and identify individuals who will scale up fast and deliver.


  • Understanding team strengths and areas of development in critical thinking styles
  • Being aware of common thinking biases the team is prone to when making crucial decisions

Learning & Development Professionals:

  • Provides information about critical thinking styles that contribute to understanding the future potential of a candidate
  • Predicts how a candidate would approach problems and decisions pertaining to a role or function
  • Design developmental interventions or training modules to overcome thinking biases

Golden Certification Workshop

The Golden training is a one or three day certification workshop (depending on experience) designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the use, administration and  interpretation of the Golden Personality Type Profiler.

Which Golden Certification workshop is right for you?

This three-day workshop is designed for HR professionals, managers, coaches and counsellors who are interested in gaining greater awareness of themselves and others.

This one day conversion course is designed for professionals who already have accreditation in the MBTI.

With a Golden Certification, you can create the foundations for individual growth, enhance team dynamics and personal and professional foster satisfaction and success in organizations. These courses are suitable for:

  • HR professionals
  • Managers
  • Coaches
  • Mediators
  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • MBTI Accredited professionals

Sosie Certification Workshop

Sosie Certification workshop is a three-day workshop that offers a Certificate of Competence to participants.

Once trained, apply SOSIE at different workplace situations to achieve a better understanding of yourself and others in an organization:

A. Recruiters:

  • Most comprehensive tool to help you understand Person-Job Fitment, not just based on traits but motivators at work.
  • Helps frame hypotheses about behaviours and values which can be explored further at the interview stage of recruitment.
  • Assists in defining and integrating a candidate’s fitment to a new job, role or team.

B. Learning and Development Professionals:

  • Provides information about leadership style that contributes to understanding the future potential of a candidate.
  • Predicts how a candidate would adapt to different work environments.
  • Establishes a candidate’s fitment to organizational culture by investigating how the work environment impacts personal effectiveness and wellbeing.
  • Combined with a 360 instrument to look at how people view themselves (via self-reporting) versus how others view them.

C. Line Managers:

  • Offer an in-depth approach to line managers for engaging current employees through a closer look at underlying motivators from a candidate’s value system.

D. Self:

  • Helps individuals think about what is important to them in a role, the strengths they bring to an organization and areas of improvement.

Why is it important to assess values for HR professionals?

Values are deeply-held concepts that drive an individual’s decisions, preferences, beliefs and interests. Two people with the same personality traits may act very differently according to their value system.

An increasing number of organisations now require there to be a level of fit between the cultural or brand values and those of the individual. A clash between personal and organisational values can often lead to disillusionment in a role or with an organisation.

Current research indicates that the mind-set of an individual (which is linked to their personality and values) is more important, in many instances, than the skills a person brings to a role.  In the rapidly changing workplace many employers are not clear what skills their employees will need in ten years’ time but they know exactly what sort of mind-set they want their staff to possess today.

Upcoming Workshops

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