Some TalentLens Testimonials

“Corrugated Services LP is the largest independent producer of recycled containerboard in the United States and has used pre-employment assessments for over 20 years. Kristi Schmidlap, Human Resources Manager for Corrugated Services, says that a high performance workforce is critical to their organizations. “In our business, equipment utilization is critical to maintain margins. Our plan maintenance personnel’s problem solving skills and the ability to think outside the box are keys to maximizing utilization. The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test is essential in our hiring process to ensure we select the right candidates with these abilities. Our proactive approach to hiring has enabled us to select the right people for the right job helping reduce voluntary and involuntary turnover.”
– Kristi Schmidlap, HR Manager, Corrugated Services
“Your product has given us (H.R.) a fantastic tool to assess qualified candidates. In addition, the on-line testing is simple and convenient.”
– Pat Wilson, KTG Inc.
“We use online assessments to evaluate managers in the restaurant industry. Online assessments allow candidates the freedom to take them after work, which is typically after midnight or 1am for restaurant managers. The quality and structure of the reports and associated manuals (available online) provide very good guidance for follow-up interviews. The tests are reasonably priced and have become invaluable as a part of the hiring process.”
– Chester Kano, Yamada Group
“I always incorporate a measurement of critical thinking in my assessments. The ease of using the online Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking assessment makes the process flow far more smoothly and quickly than the paper form requirements. I greatly appreciate the online convenience and Pearson process.”
– Organization Systems Development
“The Pearson assessment I utilized was specific to the required criteria presented on industry pre-employment assessments. As such, the assessment provided an accurate baseline for where the prospective employee was and where this person needed to be for successful employment in the desired industry of choice.”
– Learning Time Inc.
“The workshop on Critical Thinking was very insightful and enlightening. There were various aspects that made us more aware of how all jobs today require critical thinking. The Fallacies of Critical Thinking also helped us familiarize with typical fallacies which can help us avoid them. And how we would also be in a position to explain other people’s mistakes keeping in mind such fallacies.
Overall it was good learning and a great experience.”
– Naureen Khan , Fragomen Immigration Services India Pvt. Ltd
“We use multiple assessments online and have been for years. The ability to test candidates when it’s convenient to them is huge in moving along the hiring process on both ends. We use the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal mainly in our Selection process. We value and promote the results we receive with the Watson-Glaser to our clients. Of course we use them ourselves when we have a hiring need. Keep up the good work.”
– DRI Consulting
“The tests were simple to set up and use.”
– E. L. Goldberg & Associates
“In my career as a psychometrist serving the education and manufacturing industries, Pearson has been unrivaled in providing effective, reliable, affordable instruments to suit all of my clients’ needs, including assessments of intellectual ability, academic achievement, personality, adaptive behavior, and talent assessment.
Thanks, Pearson!”
– Independent Psychometrist
“Pearson is a great partner in helping us meet our client’s needs. Their level of responsiveness is one of the highest customer service levels that we have seen in the assessment industry. Additionally, their deep domain and unparallel expertise in ability assessments such as the Wesman, Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal and Ravens solutions provides an invaluable role in us helping our clients select the right talent to drive strategy, sharpen organizational alignment between talent and resources, and accelerate the development at all levels of the leadership pipeline.”
– MDA Leadership Consulting
“The Golden Personality Type Profiler is the cornerstone of the two-day Leadership Institute coordinated by the College of Engineering. This experience not only provides insight into students’ own behaviors and attitudes, but also exposes students to others’ personal preferences and potential strengths and weaknesses”
– Nancy Schneider, University of Iowa – College of Engineering
“Using Pearson has stimulated a lot of discussion regarding job descriptions/objectives for the open positions. We are putting a lot more thought into our hiring process.”
– Centurion Industries, Inc.
“The tests have allowed us to focus on a tighter, more qualified, group of candidates when hiring. It saves us time, money, and we end up getting the right hires – and that’s worth a lot.”
– Ecklers
“The service provided by our customer relations representative is outstanding. She is consistently provides solutions and connects us with the appropriate personnel for technical issues. The assessments measure the appropriate skills needed for the jobs and provide a good picture of how the candidate measures against others of the same category.”
– Farmers Group, Inc
“It has been a smooth transition from Harcourt to Pearson. Outstanding on-line testing! If any issues occur they are taken care of immediately! John Toomey, Christina McCumber and Paula Oles all provide excellent service. Christina is a godsend. Love the on-line flexibility. I just had a client in Singapore take an assessment remotely and it was as if he was in my office.”
– Ted Maday, MDA Leadership Consulting
“The assessments that I use from Talent Assessment are incredibly well received at the highest levels of leadership and have been doing so for many years.”
– OD Resources, Inc.
“I use the Golden Personality Type Profiler on a regular basis. The information that this report generates allows me to take coaching to a new level. It is a critical part of my overall assessment package.”
– Scarpone and Associates
“Tests are easy to administer and score, Watson-Glaser test is a good assessor of mental ability and critical thinking skills.”
– Stephen A. Laser Associates
“We have been using Pearson for over 5 years if not longer. The Assessments have proven time and time again to be beneficial in our hiring process. I recommend Pearson if you are looking for great Customer Service and a variety of assessments for any need.”
– Automated Packaging Sys.
“We have found our experience working with Pearson to be rewarding and productive. They have been accommodating to our requests and willing to work with us to find creative solutions.”
– Stephen Dahl, Strategic Team-Makers
“We believe in the validity and reliability of these assessments. We use them with practically every client project we have in different ways that meet the needs of the project from Organization Development to Career Coaching and more. We even use them to hire our own employees.”
– Amy Feist, DRI Consulting
“Our workshops based on the results of the Golden Personality Type Profiler continue to receive the highest ratings and reviews by our clients… even when the respondents have taken the assessment multiple times before. The user friendly on-line process produces insightful reports that are extremely useful in teambuilding and leadership development programs.”
– K. Biddle, Comcast
“The use of on-line assessment has allowed my consulting company to provide clients with a more timely product and it saves me time as well.”
– Marc Just, Consortium for Human Strategies, Inc.
“I have investigated different kinds of assessments for various industries. Pearson are thorough, precise, professional and a very effective tool in the integration of cultures, transitioning workplace merges, and boosting productivity through greater understanding of the potential of your existing human capital.”
– Yadira Kinkade, Working Together Employment Consulting
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