With attrition rates not trending down any time soon and ever-increasing recruitment costs, finding a good fit between a candidate and the role applied for is becoming crucial. Most organizations prefer to have a personality assessment tool aligned to their organizational competencies. TalentLens’s personality measure, SOSIE is now able to cater to this requirement with its recently developed Interpretation and Feedback Guide with Competency Mapping. SOSIE aims at identifying workplace motivators of an individual through the measurement of  ‘Values’. Values, in the context of SOSIE, are defined as workplace motivator that drive behavior. SOSIE is an extensive approach to assess employees. It is more than a simple personality assessment, measuring personality traits, interpersonal values and personal values within one instrument which enables in determining a candidate’s performance at the workplace. It identifies a person’s value system to reliably predict their motivations, behavior and adaptation to a role and/ or organizational culture.

This individual SOSIE report combines detailed information about the personality and values of the individual within each competency. It further provides an in-depth perspective on fundamental questions raised in a number of evaluation contexts: What are the strengths and areas for further development of the person’s behavior at work? What impact will they have on different professional domains and in terms of personal development? What kind of organizational environment will enable this person to realize his or her full potential and to maximize their contribution?

The report is built around nine well-known organizational competencies which are important for a variety of jobs. In addition, the SOSIE’s Interpretation and Feedback Guide examines what kind of organizational environment will provide the most motivation for the individual. These are:

  1. Self-Organization
  2. Adaptability
  3. Sociability and Communication
  4. Emotional Adjustment
  5. Influence
  6. Innovation
  7. Teamwork
  8. Decision Making and Autonomy
  9. Motivational Factor: Favorable environment

The descriptions/definitions of these competencies have been arrived upon after rigorous and extensive research and in most situations the organizational competencies across industries closely map to one or the other competency descriptions, thus making it highly applicable for organizations. This information will underpin coaching and development interviews, recruitment decisions and career guidance and facilitate the preparation and conduct of any feedback interview.

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