Our SaaS-based Pearson Online English (POE) suite is used to improve the performance of millions of learners globally and to communicate, collaborate and operate effectively. Our personalized career-aligned courses include a fully integrated mobile app, live instruction with native English-speaking teachers and real-world content that is updated every day.

The POE suite is designed for a duration of 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the learner’s objectives and end goals. Over these months, learners will have online content that is personalized to their current proficiency levels, interests and desired learning outcomes. Along with this, learners will have access to 24 hours support and coaching with live POE caters learners across levels of the corporate ladder with features like online self-paced learning, virtual classrooms and private one to one tutoring sessions. From mid-level managers to senior managers and higher up, POE can contribute to increase their language proficiency in a personalised and private manner.

How? POE has the following features that support the learner through a multi-faceted approach:


  • A cutting-edge English learning platform with proven efficiency
    and efficacy
  • Pedagogic content based on each learner’s profile

Cloud-based and adaptive technology

  • A comprehensive offering integrating web and mobile technology,
    real-world content updated every day, assessment and reporting as and when required
  • Adaptive learning platform delivered on mobile, tablet and the web
  • Integrated video for live instruction
  • Data analytics
  • Comprehensive reporting


  • A cost-effective solution delivering scalable learner outcomes


  • The blend of web-based learning, choice of topics, option of learning from peers and facilitators with hands-on learning assignments provide an all-round development in their language proficiency
  • Learners have access to live tutors 24 hours of the day.
  • They can also opt for group tutoring or private tutoring with the facilitator of their choice at a time of their convenience.

Authentic Content

  • The learner has the freedom to choose from topics of their interest and the content of the course is based on that
  • 30,000 hours of relevant content updated daily
  • Premium multimedia sources


  • Proficiency Assessment aligned to global standards is designed to measure current English levels and is mapped to the internationally recognized standards your learners need
  • Certification
  • Progress tracking
  • Evaluation-based level advancement
  • Real-time feedback

Ongoing learner engagement

  • Study reminders
  • Motivation and feedback
  • Fresh content
  • Incentives and contests
  • Detailed progress reports at regional and individual levels
  • 24/7 support and coaching

Premium Content

Private Tutoring

  • One-on-One Virtual class with a certified English Tutor
  • Teachers who are experts in the science of teaching English
  • Flexible and convenient- learners meet their teachers in a
    virtual classroom and can set up a class at a time of their convenience
  • Teachers work with learners to design a personal improvement

Business English Course

  • 17 Units (Each with 20 lessons)
  • This section covers: meetings and web conferencing
  • Presentations
  • Telephone communications
  • Emails
  • Negotiations
  • Networking
  • Around the office
  • Customer service
  • Leadership etc.