The only candidate selection solution you will ever need

Hire.Me is an integrated mobile recruitment solution that uniquely addresses the complex challenges HR professionals face when recruiting talent. The platform gives you the ability to effectively reach, engage and evaluate candidates in a mobile environment while providing real-time assessment, analytics, and reporting so you can make the best candidate selection hiring decision.

5 Step process to ensure you have a qualified candidate before investing time

Why Hire.Me

Improve turnaround time

Focus on hiring the best candidate, not evaluating applications

Access a wider talent pool

Cost effectively engaged large volume of candidates by leveraging mobile technology and penetration

Stay updated with real-time analytics

Filter, rank and identify the best applicants for each job

Objectively appraise job related skills

Range of highly valid and reliable assessments – multitasking, emotional tone identification, logical decision, listening, analogies

Strong talent branding through better job seeker experience

Flexibility offered to current generation tech savvy candidates to apply via mobile

Our real-time reporting provides candidate insights and analytics to help you make better hiring decisions.

Dashboard enterprise level reporting with real-time analytics with a click that provide insights to make critical hiring decisions.