TalentLens Product Matrix

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Area of AssessmentDevelopmentSelection & Recruitment
General AbilityCore Abilities, Raven’s APM, Raven’s SPM, DAT
LeadershipW-GCTA, Golden, CTUW-GCTA, SOSIE
Job FitSOSIESOSIE, Occupational Suites
Automated Spoken English AssessmentVersant for Spoken English, Versant for Spoken English, Versant English Test for India
Automated Written English AssessmentVersant for Written EnglishVersant for Written English
Problem SolvingCTURaven’s APM, Raven’s SPM, RANRA
Customer ServiceVersant for Spoken English, Versant for Written English, Occupational Suites
Team BuildingGolden
PersonalitySOSIE, Golden, Workplace Personality Inventory™ – IISOSIE, Occupational Suites, Workplace Personality Inventory™ – II
Workplace ValuesSOSIESOSIE
Business English TrainingPearson English One Solutions
Industrial aptitudeBMCT-II
Career GuidanceDATDAT

Global Norms available for SOSIE, Raven’s APM, Raven’s SPM and W-GCTA. Norms are available for US, Australia, Netherlands, India, UK and France.

Our customized consulting solution:

“The Watson-Glaser is an insightful and highly relevant tool for both career advancement decisions and the selection of right talent in organizations. We have been deploying this tool alongside our current assessment methodologies in various scenarios. The Watson-Glaser has helped us in generating effective critical thinking information about candidates.”

Lokesh Nigam, Consultant, Price Waterhouse Coopers

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