Smartphone usage in India has witnessed a tremendous growth over the last few years making it the second largest smartphone market in the world.

The proliferation of smartphone devices signals a shift in how Indians are moving away from a desktop-only mode of accessing the internet.

When it comes to applying for jobs online, the advancement in smartphone means that more and more people will apply for jobs online through their mobile devices. A recent study noted that as much as 10-20 percent of job applications companies received in 2014-15 were through smartphones. The figure was between 0-10 percent in the previous year. It is clear that more and more job seekers are applying for jobs through their mobile phones. The onus is now on recruiters to build effective and reliable mobile talent acquisition strategies to enable jobseekers to not only apply through their mobiles but have a seamless experience while doing so.

Some important points recruiters must keep in mind before creating/ implementing a mobile recruitment strategy are:

  • Develop a clean interface that provides all the right information, including brand information, a job seeker looks for before applying
  • Optimize your listing with search engine optimization (SEO) to rank them higher and for different mobile devices. Job seekers can find it with relative ease while using a search engine to look for jobs
  • Understand the metrics of how a mobile user interacts with your company’s website
  • Engage a job seeker with regular updates about their application status, job openings, or recruitment notifications through emails and SMSes
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