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Finding the right talent is only half of the challenge. Successful human resources professionals also help maintain the environment in which employees live and breathe. TalentLens assessments can help you predict behavior and improve the performance of your workforce.

A clear picture of employees’ personalities and abilities allows you to place individuals in positions where they can be the most effective and motivated to succeed. Our lenses can help you address critical factors such as attendance, morale, and safety as well. Say ‘goodbye’ to high turnover and ‘hello’ to productivity and collaboration.

To Improve Use
Strategic Thinking Watson-Glaser
Problem Solving Raven’s
Financial Literacy RANRA
Targeted Aptitudes/Abilities Differential Aptitude Test
Business English Pearson English One Solutions & Versant
Learning Ability Watson-Glaser & Raven’s
Basic Skills Core Abilities
Total Job Fit Occupational Suites

TalentLens assessments can help you discover the natural guides among your employees and develop them into true trailblazers. Learn who has the potential to excel with ongoing training and development, who is ready for leadership/executive coaching, and what shape their individual development plans should take.

Pearson English
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