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Pearson’s selection roots go back to 1925 when we developed the first tests to hire police officers. Today, we’re a leader in scientifically-valid assessments used across the world to identify the best candidates, put people in the right jobs, and hire for performance.

Stop searching the skies and use our TalentLens radar to assess the critical thinking skills, language acuity, and industry-specific aptitudes of incoming applicants. We provide multiple lenses to help you get a clear picture of an individual’s potential and their possible place in your organisation.

To Improve Use
Strategic Thinking Watson-Glaser
Problem Solving Raven’s
Targeted Aptitudes/Abilities Differential Aptitude Test
English Language Versant
Learning Ability Watson-Glaser & Raven’s
Basic Skills Core Abilities
Total Job Fit Occupational Suites
Pearson English