Golden Personality Type Profiler

Bring out the best in teams and individuals by identifying personal style.

  • Competency areas – Jungian Personality Type
  • Administration type Online
  • Test duration 25-30 minutes untimed

Product Description

The Golden Personality Type Profiler can help a person understand the basis for their decision-making and the way they relate to other people. Other assessments use type-oriented approaches that are too simplistic and make no allowance for the subtle differences between people of the same type. With Golden, not only can you see Jungian 4-letter personality type, but also the subtle facets, that make up that personality type.

You can become Accredited to administer and interpret the Golden through Pearson Academy.

Use Golden to:

  • Help guide employees toward better understanding of their own behaviours, attitudes, career goals, and preferences
  • Build a solid foundation for team development dialogue
  • Understand an individual’s work style relative to others

Applications include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching
  • Communication and Conflict Management
  • Team building
  • Sales Force Training plus more


Unlike other personality assessments, this profiler is unique in that it:

  • Is geared toward identifying behaviours
  • Examines both work and leisure situations
  • Includes thirty-six Facet Scales within the four Global Scales, allowing individual personalities to emerge
  • Has an additional Global Scale with two additional Facet Scales, measuring responses to daily stressors.


Pearson provides you with two report options for viewing Golden results: Choose the A/Z option to view the “How you approach life” scale with the Adapting vs OrganiZing labels. The A/Z report is great for first-time users of personality type. Choose the J/P option to view the “How you approach life” scale with the Judging vs Perceiving labels. The J/P report is for experienced users of the Myers-Briggs type tool.

The Golden Team Report is now available.

The Golden Team Report features:

  • Team Type Table – presents by both Type and Temperament up to 30 member names or when confidentiality is required team numbers, designate a team, leader, manager or supervisor.
  • Team tendencies – identifies the likely Global dimension strengths, potential blindspots, and suggestions for improvement to get your team focused on what is important.
  • Team Leader Similarity – displays all Global and Facet scores for all members, the team leader and the team average.

To order the Team Report, you must contact Pearson.

The Golden is an online assessment, delivered through our Talent Assessment Platform (TAP). Pricing for online assessments is determined by a sliding scale, based on the quantity purchased. To find out more about our online platform, Click Here.


The Golden can only be administered by psychologists or registered test users who have completed accredited training provided by Pearson.

Golden Training Now Available! Click here to know more.



Roger Pearman is the author of “I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You: The Real Meaning of the Sixteen Personality Types” and numerous other books on using Personality Types to improve communications, teamwork, leadership, and relationships. Roger is also CEO of Leadership Performance Systems, a leading consulting and training organisation focusing on leadership, teamwork, assessment, and organisational development.

To read the Golden review go to this website:

Pearson English
“We have found the Golden Personality Type Profiler to be an invaluable tool. The ease of online administration has made this a highly convenient and affordable way to screen applicants before committing to the high cost of bringing them on the field for further interviewing and evaluation.”
– Debbie Millman, Living Well Counseling Services
“The Golden Personality Type Profiler is content-driven, and this allows me as a coach to easily customize the learning to the specific needs of the individual or group. The easy to understand report provides a solid foundation for dialogue and participant insight in a team development experience.”
– Director of Learning and Development
“I have found the Golden Personality Type Profiler to be a valuable resource to our business partners, whether for facilitating healthy employee/ manager relationships, assisting leadership development in talent management, or in resolving team conflicts.”
– V.P. of Human Resources