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Entry Level Abilities

Entry Level Ability

Learn about the Watson-Glaser, Raven’s, ANRA and other leading management assessment.

Build Your Lens With These Entry-Level Assessments:

BETA – Third Edition (BETA-III)

Measure nonverbal intellectual ability

Career Assessment Inventory – Enhanced Version (CAI-ENH)

The Enhanced Version of the CAI inventory focuses on careers involving at least 4 years of post-secondary training.

Career Assessment Inventory – Vocational Version (CAI-VOC)

Compares an individual’s vocational interests to those of individuals in 91 specific careers.

Core Abilities Assessment (CORE)

Screen your applicants’ general intelligence in 15 minutes.

Differential Aptitude Tests for Personal and Career Assessment (DAT)

Measure specific aptitudes related to successful job performance across many occupations

Employee Aptitude Survey (EAS)

Measures verbal, numerical, spatial, manual and clerical aptitude from entry level to management (Pearson distributes but does not publish this product)

General Clerical Test-Revised (GCT-R)

A sophisticated battery of subtests covering a wide range of clerical abilities

Harrington-O’Shea Career Decision-Making System – Revised (CDM-R)

Self-scored career planning assessment of abilities, interests, and work values

Interest Determination, Exploration and Assessment System (IDEAS)

Practical guidelines for career planners of all ages

Occupational Suite

Each test measures the whole person – the key cognitive abilities and personal work styles that correlate to success in that job.

Q Local Scoring and Reporting Software

Enjoy the convenience of desktop administration and scoring

Raven’s Progressive Matrices

A non-verbal test to identify problem solvers and quick learners

Short Employment Tests (SET)

Confidently predict an applicants performance in clerical and administrative roles

Vocational Interest Survey for Australia (VISA)

To assist Australians facing career decisions to focus their vocational preferences

Wide Range Interest and Occupation Test – Second Edition (WRIOT-2)

A pictorial occupational interest test