Differential Aptitude Tests (DAT)

Measure specific aptitudes related to successful job performance across many occupations.

Do you know where your employees’ talent lie?

In order to guide your current employees towards better career choices, use our assessments to help give them the complete picture about their different kinds of aptitude.

  • Competency areas – General cognitive and perceptual abilities, clerical and language skills
  • Administration type Online and Paper & Pencil
  • Test duration Online 12-20 minutes; P&P 60-90 minutes

Product Description

Each DAT test is used for specific occupations:
Verbal ReasoningVerbal Reasoning measures general cognitive ability in positions requiring higher order thinking skills
Numerical AbilityNumerical Ability tests the understanding of numerical relationships and facility in handling numerical concepts
Abstract ReasoningAbstract Reasoning is a nonverbal measure of the ability to perceive relationships in abstract figure patterns
Mechanical ReasoningMechanical Reasoning closely parallels the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test and measures the ability to understand basic mechanical principles of machinery, tools, and motion
Clerical Speed and AccuracyClerical Speed and Accuracy (only in paper) measures the speed of response in a simple perceptual task. Suitable for jobs involve filing and coding
Space RelationsSpace Relations measures the ability to visualise a three-dimensional object from a two-dimensional pattern, and how this object would look if rotated
SpellingSpelling (only in paper) measures an applicant's ability to spell common English words
Language UsageLanguage Usage measures the ability to detect errors in grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation


Shown to predict training success (e.g., r = .46 to .48 for computer programmers) and job performance (e.g., r = .24 to .31 for administrative, technical, and engineering employees) for a wide range of occupations

The DAT is available as an online assessment, or in paper & pencil format. Pricing for online assessments is determined by a sliding scale, based on the quantity purchased.

“By using Pearson’s Differential Aptitude Tests for the last ten years our failure rates have dropped because we can identify unique abilities of a candidate as they relate to a specific job’s day-to-day function. The online version with automated scoring and feedback allows for greater accuracy and reliability and assures us that we are getting the most current norms and test protocols. The tests save us time and money, as well as increase our reputation in the marketplace.”
– Jane Sarber, Moore Norman Technology Center
“The DAT is an extremely helpful tool in assessing a wide range of cognitive and technical skills. Our organization has found the reports to be quite useful in differentiating excellent candidates from those that may not be as well prepared for a variety of positions.”
– Dr. Frank Cushing
Pearson English