Critical Thinking Workshops for HR Certification


HRCertification Workshops
on the use and administration of
Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal.

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is one of the few scientific, objective and validated critical thinking assessments in the world.
Today’s employees operate in a V.U.C.A. (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world where information available is often not enough and quick decisions need to be made with limited guidance at various levels in the organization. A failure to meet the challenges will leave many companies behind and the human capital potential of their employees unfulfilled. To succeed in today’s competitive global economy organization’s need to make sure they identify critical thinkers while bringing in new talent and develop this fundamental workplace skill in their existing talent pool.

American Management Association has identified Critical Thinking as one of the four most important skill set required for the 21st century global workforce.

Who should attend the workshop

HR Consultants | Organizational Psychologists | Trainers | HR professionals

Pearson TalentLens’ Certification on Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal

Program Content

Module 1: Introduction to psychometrics

  • Exploring the purpose/ relevance of psychometrics in today’s work place
  • Various types of assessment methodologies in action today
  • Stressing upon the relevance of Ability Testing in various fields of work

Module 2: Introduction to Critical Thinking

  • Understand and define Critical Thinking: What it is, What it is not!
  • Explore commons Fallacies associated with thinking critical

Module 3: Pearson’s ‘RED’ Model to Critical Thinking

  • Acquaint participants with Pearson’s RED Model
  • Exploring the Skilled versus Unskilled behaviours associated with Red
  • Establish Business Relevance of RED Model and its impact: Case Analysis
  • Understand the 21 ‘RED’ questions which enables powerful thinking

Module 4: Introducing the W-GCTA tool

  • Understanding the purpose and history of the tool
  • Exploring the development of Watson-Glaser II and its relevance at workplace
  • Knowing about Validity, Reliability and norms of Watson-Glaser II

Module 5: W-GCTA Reports Styles and Uses

  • Understanding the Individual Profile, and Development Reports: When and How to use
  • Interpreting data from various report styles
  • Carry critical thinking development plan to workplace: Step-by-step approach
  • Performing one-on-one Development Feedbacks (Role Plays)

Module 6: Critical Thinking at Workplace: Application

  • Discovering scope of the tool: Its application in Employee Management
  • Exchanging Case Studies from past: Successful Hiring & Development Interventions
  • Quick-tips to carry newly learnt skills in real time business situations

Why get certified?

Talent Acquisition Professionals:

  • Identify candidates with better potential for being successful at their jobs. Research indicates critical thinking is a strong predictor of job performance
  • Interpret and use the results on Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-GCTA) to set internal benchmarks for hiring and selection
  • Use Watson-Glaser for recruitment has helped organizations improve the quality of hire, reduce turnaround time and identify individuals who will scale-up fast and deliver

Learning and Development Professionals:

  • Predict how a candidate would approach problems and decisions pertaining to a role or function
  • Design developmental interventions or training modules to overcome thinking biases
  • Create a customized succession planning program that aligns with your strategy by discovering individuals who show promise and have the potential to become leaders
  • Learn important leadership ideas and perspectives regarding topics such as conflict management, building cohesive and effective meetings
  • Provide individual mentorship and feedback to accelerate a leader’s development

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