Effective decision-making through
Critical Thinking: Manager Workshops.

Steering your way successfully through generational turbulence – Effective decision-making and problem-solving workshops powered by Critical Thinking

Today’s employees operate in a V.U.C.A. (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world where information available is often not enough and quick decisions need to be made with limited guidance at various levels in the organization. A failure to meet the challenges will leave many companies behind and the human capital potential of their employees unfulfilled. To succeed in today’s competitive global economy, companies need to be decisive and agile. It’s no wonder critical thinking, leadership, and strategy execution top the list of executive development concerns in our research. American Management Association has identified Critical Thinking as one of the four most important skill set required for the 21st century global workforce.

The business imperative of Decision-making and Problem-solving, powered by Critical Thinking

A structured and objective thinking approach that keeps purpose on top and biases aside will lead your managers to take logical decisions that contribute positively to your business’s growth. For optimal decision-making to take place, it is imperative that your managers look at available information objectively and consider alternatives in decisions before drawing conclusions. This approach to thinking is what we call Critical Thinking. Good decisions stem from critical thinking. Research conducted in recent years by Pearson, as well as by independent academics, has shown that individuals who score high on critical thinking assessment are rated by their supervisors as having good analysis and problem-solving skills, good overall job performance and noticeably good judgment and decision-making.

Critical Thinking equals good job performance – Correlation studies

To reinforce the importance of Critical Thinking further, we conducted many studies to evaluate the relationship between critical thinking ability and job performance. Results indicate that the measure of critical thinking ability as measured by Watson-Glaser Critical thinking Appraisal is related to several important aspects of job performance. The highlights of some of the studies are as follows:

  • Scores on Critical Thinking correlated .52 with performance ratings on each of the two performance dimensions of work – Analysis and Problem Solving, and Judgment and Decision-Making.
  • Scores on Critical Thinking correlated .48 with performance ratings of job behaviours dealing with Professional/Technical Knowledge and Expertise.
  • The correlation of the Critical Thinking scores with the Overall Performance composite was .51.

Fly high above the crowd– How your organization benefits?

Organizations with improved critical thinking capabilities among their employees witness a positive impact on their organization’s bottom line. They are able to:

  • Get an edge over competition by demonstrating effective and well-reasoned problem-solving skills to the market and clients.
  • Build lasting and improved decision-making skills among their employees.
  • Get improved outputs from team meetings and brain-storming sessions.
  • Foster innovation by focusing on creative ideas that are practically feasible.
  • Build an organizational culture that can sustain critical thinking for better results.

With globalization and increased speed of business employees at every level are facing a complex flow of information. Critical Thinking is now more important than ever.

Good business decision makers on your leadership runway – Who is this workshop for?

  • Hi-potentials
  • Young leaders
  • Mid to senior level managers
  • Team managers

Set a Course for Success for your employees – Be a pioneer

Pre-workshop requirement As a pre-requisite to this workshop; the candidates will be invited to take Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is the gold standard for measuring critical thinking ability and decision-making in high-potential professionals and future leaders. The assessment needs to be completed online and takes approximately 40 to 50 minutes. The candidates’ W-GCTA report summary is shared with them during the workshop.

Take to the skies – How your employees benefit?

The workshop attendees learn to apply Pearson’s simplified RED model of Critical Thinking to workplace situations and beyond. They are able to: Dissect complex issues logically, to enable the development of out-of-the-box solutions. Make better real-life business decisions. Exhibit improved strategic thinking. Get better at planning and implementation. Avoid biases from affecting their approach to situations at work. Contribute better to the organization’s growth.

Critical Thinking powered workshops – RED framework

Pearson through its research has developed a model to help corporates, management graduates and individuals measure, understand and develop Critical Thinking in a systematic manner. The model is called the RED model of Critical Thinking

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