Core Abilities Assessment (CAA)

Quick screening made effective
  • Competency Areas: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Abstract Reasoning
  • Administration type –  Online
  • Test duration 15 minutes

Product Description

With more resumes for an average job than ever before, managers don’t need more applicants – they need screening tools to quickly identify the best ones. More effective than a phone screen, the Core Abilities Assessment measures an individual’s verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills – the building blocks for success in any job. The score provides insight into someone’s ability to learn and perform on the job. Let Core Abilities guide you to the applicants who should advance to the next stage or interview.

Use Core Abilities Assessment in your organisation to:

  • Forecast job success
  • Save time interviewing only qualified candidates
  • Obtain objective information not readily apparent in a resume or interview
  • See a comprehensive view of an applicant’s general cognitive ability
  • Measure an individual’s ability to learn and succeed – once trained
  • Avoid the high cost of making “bad hires”


  • An individual who scores well demonstrates strong verbal, numerical, and overall reasoning skills and can learn a job quickly
  • Overall, 20+ studies support the relationship of the underlying items that make up the Core Abilities Assessment to job performance
  • Shown to predict supervisors’ problem solving behavior (r = .32) at a national manufacturing company


Core Abilities Assessment is available online and is delivered through our Talent Assessment Platform (TAP). Pricing for online assessments is determined by a sliding scale, based on the quantity purchased.