Certification Workshops on Critical Thinking

Pearson TalentLens On-Site Workshop

Critical Thinking for Effective Decision-making

The objective of the one-day workshop was to enable employees in one of India’s fastest growing IT giants evolve into more objective and effective decision-makers by understanding the concept and process of critical thinking, a fundamental skill for decision-making. A diagnostic approach to effective decision-making was applied for the workshop. Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-GCTA) that helps assess critical thinking skills, was used to help individuals become aware of their personal strengths and areas of development in critical thinking. As pre-workshop preparation, each workshop participant took the W-GCTA and brought along their development report from the test.

In order to set the right context, a link between critical thinking and job performance was established for participants. Following this context-setting, Pearson’s RED model of critical thinking was introduced to participants. The RED model breaks down the process of critical thinking into three easy-to-implement steps – recognizing assumptions, evaluating arguments and drawing conclusions.

Since a case study approach has the potential to deliver more effective learning, participants were exposed to common thinking biases through a case and how such biases influence decision-making. The business relevance of Pearson’s RED model was highlighted and findings from participant development reports discussed. The workshop takeaways included material for further reading and actionable insights into how critical thinking could be applied in day-to-day work, for better decisions and higher performance.

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Pearson TalentLens On-Site Program

Effective Communication Skills

The objective of the program, spread over forty-five days and adopting a sustained learning path, was to improve the overall quality of business English skills of a recruitment team in India’s leading online media channel. For pre-program preparations, participants took Versant spoken and written communication skills assessment. Each participant was placed through a goal-setting exercise by the program trainer, based on participant scores on the Versant tests. The exercise involved setting a breakthrough in communication skills during the program, with these scores as individual baselines for current levels of communication skills.

The program was implemented in three phases. In phase one, participants were placed in a two-day classroom training which was held followed by a fifteen-day activity period remotely supervised by the trainer. Activities were designed to enable participants apply concepts learnt in the classroom training and keeping in mind each participant’s individual learning requirement as assessment with Versant. Phase two focused on advanced and effective communication techniques, using the same approach (two-day classroom training followed by fifteen-day activity period) as for the previous phase. Phase three was a program culmination, with presentations from participants to showcase learnings from the previous phases. Trainer and fellow participant feedback was given for each presentation made. Based on fellow participant ratings, the highest rated participants was awarded by the organization.

Email us at training@talentlens.in if you are interested in an on-site workshop on Effective Communication Skills in your organization.