Campus Recruitment

Introducing our pan-India, turnkey, end-to-end campus recruitment solution.

Campus recruitment is a great way to find the right candidates. But hiring on scale does not mean that you need to compromise on the quality of hire. There is a way to select the best rather than weed out the ones that don’t fit.

Pearson TalentLens has partnered with CoCubes India’s largest campus hiring platform to provide a one-stop-shop for your campus recruitment needs. Now get the ease and confidence of selecting the best candidates with our world-class assessments backed with end-to-end recruitment logistics support.

All you need is a smart way to access the talent and assess it!

Getting best of the lot at campus was never so easy!

High-predictability and reliability with our world class assessments:

  • General Aptitude – quantitative and analytical
  • Industry specific skills in industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Engineering, BPO, Analytics, e-Commerce, BFSI
  • Domain knowledge in Engineering as well as Management
  • Oral and written communication skills with Pearson’s flagship assessment Versant
  • Higher-order cognitive abilities for MBA hiring using Pearson’s Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal and Raven’s Progressive Matrices
  • Personality assessment and job fitment

*This list is not exhaustive and only contains the most commonly used assessment categories for campus recruitment.

End-to-end logistics support backed with leading edge infrastructure:

  • Pan-India reach. With a reach in over 250 cities pan-India,
    we help you reach your chosen institutes and plan your recruitment drive in a considerably short time span.
  • End-to-end logistics support – shortlisting, direct reach and branding, online assessments, proctoring, trouble-shooting, offer letter roll-out, online on-boarding.
  • Complete online model of delivery compatible with multiple browsers. Our robust online delivery engines ensure that you are able to run several tests across various campuses concurrently and get results at once.
  • Telephone-based assessment for oral communication skills. Using the patented Ordinate® speech processing technology and Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ text engine, Versant tests can be taken on a telephone or a computer and scores are available online within minutes.
  • Best-in-class Eye-In-The-Sky online remote proctoring technology. This technology continuously captures live data during an assessment drive, which includes periodical photographs of the candidate, recording IP addresses of the computers, no. of widow switches and time spent outside the test window and live scores of the candidates. The data is available to recruiters via a special login, which enables them to monitor on ground assessments anywhere in the country, empowering them to note and/or log out any suspicious candidate.