Rhea searches for job during lunch break whereas Gaurav connects with his future work mates on LinkedIn and casually checks their activities on twitter and instagram to understand their work-life balance and the organisation they’re working in. Sounds familiar?

Meet the employee of the future, tech savvy, informed and smart. It is the year 2020, and this is what you can expect at the work place.

1.Casual is the new formal

Tie and suit made way for semi formal, which made way for casual and the buck has stopped in denim and shorts at the new work place. Expect this trend to continue for a long time. Friday dressing everyday is the new norm.

2.Flexi work hours

Millennials are actively seeking companies that encourage flexi work hours. While they are looking for highly productive work life, they value their ‘Me time’ to pursue their other interests. Imagine a software developer also moonlighting as part-time photographer, blogger and chef.

Give them a long rope!

3.Goodbye to traditional appraisals

Bell curves are getting canned. This is the age of instant appraisals. Employees are not willing to wait till the end of the year to know how they fared. They need regular feedback and are willing to make changes to progress effectively. Appraisals will be linked to overall development and managers will be seen focusing on helping them further career goals and interests.