Finding a stellar employee is one of the crucial aspects for ensuring the long-term success of your organization. That is why, recruitment today is considered as much an art as it is science. As part of the recruitment process, assessment of candidates is an essential step in hiring the right candidate. A face-to-face interview will always be the final frontier in hiring but using an apt assessment technique will ensure that both time and effort is put to the right use.

An assessment is used to measure a candidate’s suitability for the job by testing their technical skills, personality, technology know-how, etc. Assessments provide recruiters with more information about a candidate than what is on their resumes. They help out in the pre-screening process to pick the right candidates from the “spray and pray” lot. Potential problems that could crop up in the future can also be identified through assessments, and a recruiter can decide whether it is worthwhile to send the candidate onto the interview phase. A combination of analysing assessment results and on-job performance would help recruiters in statistically assessing future candidates.

Now, we come to an important question: How effective is your assessment technique in finding the type of candidate your company is looking for? Could it be possible that your assessment tools are keeping you from finding the right talent? Firstly, you need to evaluate the job description thoroughly. This helps recruiters in developing the right assessment tools for applicants. For example, if you are hiring a software engineer, you would want to look at coding skills and the ability to work in a team. If you are hiring a CxO, you would definitely want great leadership skills, analytical abilities, etc. Assessments are only effective when you know what you need to look for in a candidate. Therefore, the importance of defining an accurate job profile and building the right assessment system on top of it cannot be emphasized enough.

Technology has made pre-screening assessments easier with the help of online tests that do away with the recruiter’s intervention. Globally, 52% of organizations use inline assessments to recruit, onboard and develop their employees. In high-volume hiring environments, online assessments have been a boon. Versant, the integrated scientific assessment test from Pearson TalentLens is a fully automated test and is a perfect fit for assessing a large number of candidates. SOSIE is a newer assessment tool that has been developed at Pearson TalentLens to optimize assessment strategies. Sosie measures personality traits, interpersonal values and personal values, and the information collected goes a long way in helping managers analyse their employee skill set to decide promotions, lay-offs, rewards, recognition and identify potential successors.

Tools and software available for employee assessment are many, but there are very few companies with a holistic understanding of assessment. As an HR professional, it is up to you to pick the right assessment technology that would collect the precise information required to pick the perfect employee.  An effective assessment system should be top priority, only then will hiring the right candidate be as easy as a walk in the park!