Identify Talent

Beyond the Resume

Assessment Primer

Make Better Selection & Development Decisions With TalentLens Assessments

Assessments can add substantial clarity and insight to your selection and employee development decisions. Where resumes reveal too little about someone and interviews can be bad predictors of real job performance, a 30-minute assessment can give you rapid insight into someone’s true ability and potential to perform.

Ability Tests Help Predict Future Performance

The most predictive kind of assessments are generally cognitive ability (e.g., Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, Core Abilities Assessment), as they correlate well with overall performance in many professional positions.

Personality Tests Help With Organizational & Job Fit

Personality tests (e.g., SOSIE) are very popular and provide a picture of someone’s potential for success in your organization’s culture. Many organizations build their own unique talent lenses by integrating multiple assessments that offer deeper insights into a person than using single assessment lens.

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