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The dynamics of the workplace are changing rapidly, and organizations need to keep pace with it. It is not to say that we, as members of the HR fraternity, did not have an inkling of it but what is surprising perhaps is the speed at which it is evolving. For example, technology has been integrated with both the organizations, and HR in specific, in more ways than one, but one would not have thought that IOT or AI will help facilitate recruitment. What would be the impact of AI or IOT on jobs? Will it make some job redundant or create some more?

Whether business or HR leaders are ready for the change or not, it is imperative that they keep pace with the ever-changing needs and standards. And in order to grow HR leaders need to stay informed and exchange ideas. Hence, this newsletter for HR leaders to discuss the issues that matter.

We will also like to showcase creative HR leaders who have made a difference. And hopefully, we can all learn from them.

Do send in your thoughts, and comments.

Consumerization of Recruitment is Here to Stay
- by Philip Kurian

The cookie-cutter approach for talent acquisition has one foot out the door, but the question is if you are ready for what comes next?

How Big Data Helps Identify the Right Talent
- by Vejay Nair

No amount of automation or systems can remove the need for people in any organization - it can reduce but not remove completely…

7 Questions for Effective Coaching
- by Manoj Prabhu

It is easy to “tell” someone what to do. However to build commitment and conviction it is imperative to help team members go through a process of self-discovery…

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