Data Lens {Exclusive Versant English Test Study Report 2013}

Mapping the status of communication skills across India: Test results from Versant

Versant is India’s most widely used, fully automated test of English language.
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Delve into what these scores really mean.
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Assumptions about workplace communication skills that you ought to question.

Combining innovation and time-tested techniques in talent assessment.

India HR LIVE talk on critical thinking for leadership hiring, development and assessment.


Critical Thinking capabilities - The other CTC important for HR and Business Leaders. A Pearson TalentLens and SHRM webinar.

Business writing skills for performance and business growth. A Pearson TalentLens and People Matters webinar.

Certification workshops on Critical Thinking by Pearson TalentLens.

Blog on Critical Thinking: Get a knowledge edge in the 21st century workplace with our brand new blog on Critical Thinking.

Panacea for enhancing the quality of talent - an SHRM interview with Saurabh Singh.

Expert Lens

AVantage {A Leadership Transformation Program}

A modern leadership strategy defines leaders not by the position they hold in the organization but by the contribution they make to the organization’s growth as leaders in their individual roles.

How do you bring out the best in your people, fast-track them on the path to becoming a leader in their own growth path and tangibly measure the impact of these initiatives?

Using a talent-readiness grid for your organization is where you begin.

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Focal Lens {Myths of Language Learning}

There’s a good chance you believe in at least one thing about language learning that is based on a long-held myth and unsupported by empirical evidence.

As good communication becomes even more critical to a global business success, challenging such myths becomes more important than ever. Challenge your myths!

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