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Pearson English is the world's largest provider of English language learning.

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  • Placement test that recommends appropriate starting point in the curriculum
  • Unlimited access to the entire course content for one complete year
  • Over 1000 hours of learning material that can be accessed anytime during the one year subscription
  • 139 assignments and activities to help you learn all aspects of Business English
  • Activities that include practice in: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • Comprehensive practice with speaking skills and immediate feedback
  • Over 50 e-mail templates with writing guidelines
  • Advanced text-to-speech technology to let you hear the text you read and improve your pronunciation skills
  • Over 40 hours of listening practice


Pearson English One teaches you every skill you need to be successful at your future or current workplace.

  • Impressive Presentation Skills
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Meaningful Participation in Meetings
  • Enhanced telephone etiquettes
  • Better Grammar
  • Improved pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Accurate listening comprehension
  • Appropriate business socializing
  • Good e-mail etiquettes
  • Enhanced Negotiation Skills
  • and many more skills.
This is what your fellow ICSI students had to say who took Pearson English One as part of our pilot study !!
  •  …It was wonderful idea of incorporating it in MSOP. It should be given more time. Because being professional it is very important to be good communicator.  

    Anita Jain

    MSOP, 180313

  •  .....I think this course is useful for day-to-day communication in business environment. It is also really helpful for writing email, reply through sms, etc, formally  

    Alisha Togani

    EDP Batch, 070313

  •  .....this course will help us to know different words & accents used in a corporate world. The formats/templates in the support material is also very relevant  

    Priya Mehta

    EDP Batch, 070313

  •  .....It makes learning english more interesting. I can evaluate my own progress  

    Neha Kumtha

    EDP Batch, 070313

  • is very relevant and should be made mandatory for various professional courses  

    Vaishali Lamba

    EDP Batch, 070313

  •  ....we need more time to spend on this activity as learning English is not a one day activity. The course helped us to face challenges in English business communication. Our reading, learning and listening skills has been improved  

    Priya Mishra

    MSOP, 180313

Why choose Pearson English One?

Pearson is a world leader in English language learning. Pearson is the provider of India's most widely used assessment of English Communication skills, Versant.
A Business English course from Pearson will be recognized by organizations, including MNCs, for its quality and credibility.

Why does the corporate world value Pearson English One?

Watch the video below to know.
Get a certificate from Pearson English on completion of each level within the course

Pearson English One Certificate
Pearson English One Course Content

Pearson English consists of 11 levels of language proficiency. Unlike other courses that may make you learn English from basic levels, irrespective of your current proficiency level, Pearson English One offers you a a customized curriculum for learning Business English, based on your current learning needs.

When you register for the course, you are asked to take a Placement Test. The Placement Test helps Pearson English One identify your current skill level in Business English so that you start at a level where you will be able to benefit the most and make the most of your time.

Here is what you learn at the completion of each level (PDF)
Course content at a glance (PDF)

Each level of Pearson English One consists of exercises that come with a set of learning goals and objectives in the following areas:

  • Expressions
  • Grammar
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
How to Succeed with Pearson English One
Online and Flexible:

We understand how important time management is for you. You might be a full time student preparing for your ICSI exams or combining work with study. Pearson English One gives you the flexibility to learn from anywhere and anytime, depending on how much time you can spare in a day. You can spend as little as 30 minutes to 10 hours in a day on Pearson English one.

Understand Pearson English One better - take a quick 2 minute tour!
How to navigate through Pearson English One - detailed video

Pearson English was formerly known as GlobalEnglish.

How to navigate through Pearson English One (PDF)

What more do you get with the Pearson English One subscription?

One Community is our virtual business network that increases communication and collaboration between your peers and other like-minded business people. With relevant social interaction that's both on-the-job and on-demand, you get the ability to co-create and share documents, upload content, and interact with world-class business coaches to exchange ideas and advice.

Learn more about One Community (PDF)

Translate - Define - Hear and learn (pronunciation) on the go using our Mobile App. Become a better professional with LinGo. LinGo comes with:

  • Word lists appropriate for your needs:
    • Accounting - Advanced - 104 words
    • Accounting Intermediate - 103 words
    • Banking and Finance - Advanced - 104 words
    • Banking and Finance - intermediate - 129 words
    • Total 20 word lists are available
  • Over 50 e-mail templates available with subjects ranging from - Notices, Pricing Information, Meetings, Documents, Complaints, etc.
  • Over 25 additional wordlists available on topics related to activities related to work e.g. Careers, Technology and Feelings.


Why enroll in a course in Business English over general English?

Why Business English Company Secretaries play an important role in an organization. Strategy, planning and partnership discussions, executive meetings, investor presentations, one-on-one business calls, e-mail exchanges, customer interactions and business negotiations form a part of their day-to-day work. While you learn general English in school and college, multinational companies require you to know how to communicate in Business English. Effective Business English skills will make the difference between your success at the workplace and your inability to cope with the communication challenges of large organizations where you may aspire to work and grow professionally.

Who should attend the Pearson English One course?
  • Students registered with ICSI and undergoing any course offered by ICSI .
  • ICSI Members who are working and aspiring for better career opportunities.
Why should you subscribe for Pearson English One Program?
  • After a month long open access to the Pearson English One Program, more than 80% of the participants who were enrolled in to the course rated it as "good to very good", and (86)% claimed they would be immensely benefited from this program and then they (99%) would recommend it to others.
  • Pearson English Business Solutions is the only award-winning language training provider to offer solutions designed to ensure that you can learn formally, informally and on-the-job in the context of real business situations.
  • Helps you learn faster with immediate feedback on pronunciation and remediation exercises that target individual sounds.
  • Proven to be immediately useful on the job.
  • Learn at your own pace from anywhere at any time, accommodating exams and other priorities.
  • Pearson English is the world's largest provider of English language learning.


Helping you achieve winning results is our greatest reward.