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High Potentials (HiPos) are the most valuable assets to the company. They are said to be twice as productive and eleven times more likely to be promoted for higher roles than other employees. HiPo's bring 91% more value to the organization and exert 21% more effort than their peers.

Learning and Development leaders are now increasing their spends on HiPo programs year after year. But no HiPo program can be successful if the correct employees are not identified for the development program. There is clearly a need to focus on more powerful predictors of performance like cognitive abilities that can minimize subjectivity to creep in. 73% of the HiPo programs fail to deliver business outcomes or ROI.

A good HiPo program must be aligned to organization's competency framework and assess candidates through scientific assessments that are: objective, reliable and valid, and ultimately help LnD leaders to take decisions in the right direction.

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Identify your high flyers with HiVE

HiPo identification and development is one of the biggest challenge of the business world today. Pearson TalentLens and Jombay have done extensive research on building tools to identify the HiPos and have come together to bring HiVE for Learning and Development Leaders. HiVE is a one-stop online solution that integrates and automates some of the important but time-consuming objectives that talent development teams struggle with on a daily basis.

The HiVE provides the company leadership a quantified evaluation of strategic outlook, execution capability and people skills of the employee. The cognitive and psychographic evaluation helps companies in making smart decisions on leadership - it will enable them to confidently select the queen bees of their HiVE!

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