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THE WATSON-GLASER Critical Thinking Appraisal

enabled an e-commerce giant to optimize their interview bandwidth

The Challenge:

A global leader in e-commerce had been routinely using group discussions and multiple rounds of interviews to identify candidates for their India office, with the desired communication and reasoning skills. Managers and recruiters spent considerable time interviewing applicants in the selection process, to select the right candidate. This resulted in a long recruitment cycle and a burden on interviewers. The organization turned to us for a solution that would optimize the interview bandwidth by shortening the recruitment cycle.

Our Solution:

We conducted a pilot study for this client organization, where in current employees were assessed using the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-G CTA). Our study revealed a strong positive correlation between work performance and test scores on the W-G CTA. Based on the findings of this pilot study, the organization selected a threshold score on the W-G CTA for the next recruitment. A set of 200 candidates who were being considered for a middle management profile were assessed using the W-G CTA. Half of the 200 candidates who took the W-G CTA cleared the score threshold. Interviews were conducted with these 100 candidates, out of which 66% cleared the interviews. Since two-thirds of the candidates who cleared the W-G CTA score threshold also cleared the interview, the organization realized the value of using the W-G CTA to shortlist candidates for the next level of selection. The W-G CTA had demonstrated its power to shorten the recruitment cycle by shortlisting candidates with fundamental skills - critical thinking, saving managers' and recruiters' time to focus on the right candidates for interviews.

The organization concluded that using the W-G CTA will help the organization reduce its recruitment cycle and use its interview bandwidth optimally, by requiring a significantly less number of applicants to be interviewed for each job opening.

The Future with us:

The organization has made using W-G CTA mandatory for India-based hiring and is also exploring the possibility of deploying it for global recruitment. Given that W-G CTA comes with country-specific norms for six countries, its use in these countries will enable the organization to obtain valid test results in each of its country operations.

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Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is the most widely used assessment for selecting managers and developing future leaders by assessing their decision-making, problem-solving and reasoning abilities.


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