Always Learning

The Performance-Expectation Gap

The organization's challenge

Most successful organizations pride themselves in identifying capable managers who perform optimally or exceed expectations in their current roles and who have been selected for newer and often bigger roles through a stringent recruitment process. Often it is challenging to help these managers transition and get into the skin of effective leaders who are able to take calculated risks and strive passionately to translate the organization's vision into reality.

The employee's challenge

On the other hand, as exciting as it is to get onto a new role, it is equally overwhelming to fit with the new responsibilities and demands of the role. Learning the ropes to be able to perform can be the biggest challenge.

Crucial Skills for Success at the Workplace

Executives across the globe agree that there is a need for a workforce to be fully equipped with skills beyond basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic. In order to grow their businesses, employees need to think critically, solve problems, innovate, collaborate, and communicate more effectively—and at every level within and outside the organization.

A study by the American Management Association sheds light on a set of skills—the four Cs—that have been identified by the organizations as being crucial to workforce preparedness and business success in the present times. The most significant aspect of the AMA survey was that it recognized four skills - critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity that are required to succeed in the contemporary workplace.

Three out of four executives who responded to the American Management Association survey said they believe these skills and competencies will become more important to their organizations, particularly as the economy improves and organizations look to grow.

What is Core4

Core4 empowers new employees, first-time managers and transitioning employees with core skills required for their success in the workplace. Core4 is a corporate excellence program based on four fundamental skills identified globally for successful performance in any role - critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

It includes independent assessment and development modules across the 4 Cs. It is a holistic capsule to makes your workforce corporate ready and well-groomed to perform at optimal levels right from the start.

Who is it for?

Core4 can be run for fresh MBA recruits, first time managers, engineers transitioning to the role of consultants, client facing resources and individual contributors. It is these individuals that steer the direction and define the momentum of the organization's growth

Benefits to the employee
  • Blended learning mechanisms propel personal and professional growth
  • Employee receives professional certificate post completion of the program
  • Employee is fast-tracked on path to delivering optimal performance quickly in their new roles
Benefits to the organization
  • Addresses talent management challenge of the organization by strengthening transitions into new roles with greater responsibilities
  • Differentiated learning and development strategy
  • An integral part of the retention strategy
Measurable outcomes

The e-learning modules have been built to capture measurable outcomes with pre-post scores/day to day performance tracking. These enable organizations to measure impact and performance regularly.

70:20:10 learning approach

Blended approach with solutions that are engaging and immersive that facilitate learning in the ways employees actually learn in today's times.

Components of the Core4 Program

Core4 is designed to facilitate workplace learning

For learning to actually take place and be effective enough to be translated into work results, this holistic program is based on the 70-20-10 framework of learning. It is a blend of learner customized online modules, business simulations, and on-the-job and reflection based learning mechanisms aimed at propelling personal and professional growth. All the online modules proposed under this model come with built-in tracking mechanisms that substantiate the investments made on Training and Development.

Any organization that is measuring, driving and empowering its employees on ownership, accountability, contribution and excellence will benefit from this program.

Core4 Components

Businesses often wonder why they have trouble getting innovation right. They know they need creative thinking– and lots of it. But they often lack the ability to transform their creative ideas into polished products for the real world. When critical thinking is applied to innovation, warning signs and red flags are thoroughly and carefully considered – and in fact are used to make the innovation better.

There is an explicit connection between Communication and Collaboration. Good communication is one of the essential components of Collaboration. Unless you are a good communicator, key components of Collaboration like interpersonal effectiveness, resourcefulness, team work will tend to fall through the cracks.


Creative and Critical Thinking:

The Recipe for Innovation