Still trying to fit a square peg into a round hole?

Acquiring the right fit vis-à-vis hiring a candidate is like a dream come true for an HR team. Why is the process of hiring the right candidate so fraught with pitfalls? Shortage of talent is just one reason; however, there is also a problem with the linear recruitment approach most companies adopt. This involves using the same broad criteria for hires across various levels which could at best be described trial and error.

Last year, the recruitment industry saw a major shift with three of its key players, namely Naukri, Monster, and CareerBuilder, getting acquired or being put up for sale. In addition, Microsoft entered the game with its recent acquisition of LinkedIn with their aim being to increase efficiency while decreasing the cost of operations. The recruitment industry has witnessed a surge in the number of start-ups that focus on various recruitment technologies with recruitment marketing being the current buzz word.

These start-ups mostly use big data to fine tune the “people analytics” so as to get the right fit almost 100% of the time. Big data combined effectively with social media has played a crucial role in reducing the time and effort that goes into finding the perfect candidate. Cloud-based recruitment tools allow recruiters to intelligently pick the right candidate for the job while innovative assessment and filtering techniques provide a holistic view of the applicants.

Smartphones are proving to be a major technology disruptor in the recruitment industry, especially in mass recruitment scenarios. Hire.Me, from Pearson TalentLens for instance, has developed a mobile app that can reach, engage, assess and shortlist candidates from any corner of the world. This app includes skill assessment and language assessment tools along with the ability to record a video interview. This ensures that both recruiters and candidates find the right fit with ease without spending hours on end scrutinizing resumes and sending CVs respectively.

A recruiter today looks at much more than just finding an employee, the emphasis is on finding a round peg that fits perfectly into the round hole. Recruitment strategies are no longer about “spray and pray” but involve a laser focus on the right fit. Technology including the use of analytics and complex algorithms play a vital part in refining the hiring process. All said and done, technology aids the recruiter make an informed decision letting them concentrate more on candidate engagement.

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