Smart phones redefine the recruitment landscape

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Mobile Recruitment series: Post 2

Smart phones have transformed the way we perform simple tasks, from ordering food, booking movie tickets or holidays with the tap of a button”.  As a natural extension, the mobile trend took over the recruitment field in a similar way.

So why should recruiters transcend towards  mobile recruiting platforms? The answer lies in the way job seekers are accessing information.

With the Indian search and recruit market topping at US$800 million (Matrix Partners, 2015), and with over 70 percent (LinkedIn Mobile recruitment Playbook, 2016) of active job seekers on mobile devices, the time to a comprehensive adopt mobile recruiting platform is now. How applicants interact with the recruitment world is changing, and thus a change in the hiring process is essential.

What are the drivers that are affecting the job seeking efforts?

  • Convenience – One of the main reasons cited by applicants for mobile usage is its convenience. Smartphones have taken over our lives and it’s no surprise that applicants are using their phones to search, receive job alerts, research companies and apply for jobs via their phones.
  • Job hunting should not be a full-time job – Job seekers are looking for ways to efficiently apply for jobs while ensuring that job hunting doesn’t eat into their entire day. Searching and applying on-the-go seems to be the mantra of the younger generation.
  • Accessibility – Applicants are staying away from cumbersome job application processes. Various technology platforms have made it easier for job seekers to ditch the traditional printed resume and cover letter route and instead seek and apply online. Applications that support linking of LinkedIn profiles, personal websites, blogs, auto-fill forms, taking assessments via mobile etc., are the pick of the tech savvy generation.
  • Meddlesome Middlemen – Headhunters, consultancies and brokers are slowly being replaced by recruiting apps. Applicants don’t have to wait, take appointments or speak to a third person when they can directly acquire information from the recruiter.

 What does this mean to you as a recruiter? 

Adopting mobile recruitment platform makes the entire hiring process quicker, easy and hassle-free for recruiters; allowing for discovering diverse talent pools. The key take-away for a recruiter would be:

  • Time-Saving 

 Recruiters spend a huge amount of time on sourcing the right candidate for their companies. Recruiters can avoid filtering through hundreds of applications manually and rely on platform technologies to streamline the right candidates.

  • Where is the spotlight?

Recruiters have to understand that the spotlight for recruitment has  shifted from applicant scrutiny to company scrutiny. Companies are constantly reviewed, researched and talked about.

Mobile recruitment is here to stay; its time recruiters equipped themselves with the right skills to stay in the game.

Next time you have job openings to fill – think over 70% mobile users and consider the benefits of mobile recruitment.


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