The evolving scenario of mobile recruitment in India

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Current scenario of mobile recruitment in India and the way forward

In 2014 a review stated that 45 percent of Indian organization didn’t have a mobile recruitment strategy. Despite agreeing to the positive aspects of mobile recruitment, their main apprehensions for adopting it were:
– Lack of technological prowess: 41 percent of staffing leaders said they are not well-versed with the technique
– Unreliability: 29 percent questioned the reliability of mobile recruitment as there is no app that functions across platforms
– Security policies: 26 percent had an issue with security
To top it off, 44 percent of organizations agreed that mobile recruitment would not be implemented any time soon.

Fast forward to 2016 and mobile recruitment is still here and gaining traction day by day. Between 2014 -2015, 20 percent of job applications were received from mobile phones; the figures were 0-10 percent in 2013. The numbers have been attributed to the steady rise in popularity of budget-friendly smart phones.

The Indian Mobile industry is one of the fastest growing in the world with over 350 million unique mobile phone users that have access to the internet. Candidates are using their phone to search, review and apply for jobs on the go. Recruiters on the other hand are understanding job seekers behavior and adopting mobile recruitment strategies as part of their hiring process. By 2015, 65 percent of organizations had built a comprehensive mobile recruitment strategy.

Current Scenario:

India is a high volume recruitment market with recruiters wading through applications to pick “the one” candidate. Large volumes of applicants burden recruiters and led to a significant drop in hiring standards. Mobile recruitment is easing talent acquisition challenges by streamlining the hiring process and quick skill assessment. Mobile apps are being developed with a job preview process, wherein candidates can assess the role they are applying for and remove themselves if the profile is unsuitable. Apps are also being used as part of a talent-screening tool to objectively assess candidate’s skills, reducing lengthy interview processes.
The major advantage of mobile recruitment has been its adaptability across the entire country. Recruiters are able to access Tier II and Tier III cities for their hiring needs; increasing their talent pool. Online assessments, video interviews and real-time engagement of candidates are increasing efficiency rates of talent acquisition, thereby reducing cost and time.

The future of mobile recruitment

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of mobile recruitment and incorporating it as a core part of their recruitment strategies. Through mobile recruitment, recruiters will be able to proactively reach out to passive candidates. Globally, India ranks 3rd (69 percent) when it comes to sourcing and hiring passive candidates; US (83 percent) and China (72 percent) continue to be the top hires.

A shift in recruitment strategy is seen in companies focusing on a candidates experience while hiring. A successful hire is an excellent marketing bit for an organization, whereas a dismal hiring experience could lead to the right candidate rejecting a job offer. Head hunters and recruiters are developing solutions that would focus on delivering that would focus on continuous engagement of applicants throughout the hiring process.

The future of recruitment is to become 100 per cent digital, right from sourcing to on-boarding. A slew of start-ups have already begun catering to the online hiring industry in India; bridging the gap between supply and demand of quality skilled manpower. Newer platforms would make use of conversational UI, semantic data aggregation, online assessments and rely heavily on data science for intelligent ranking of applicants. Cloud based software and third party applications for recruitment would be in high demand for the next few years in India.

Mobile recruitment is still in its nascent stage. With addition of newer smart phones to the market, the true potential of mobile recruiting is yet to be tapped into.

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